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The Bolero with Vicky McClure and Jonny Owen

By 1st October 2020No Comments

We sat down with Vicky McClure, award-winning actress, model and presenter, known for her role as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming in the BBC series Line of Duty; and her partner, award-winning film director, producer and radio presenter, Jonny Owen.

For someone who spends so much time filming, travelling and being an
ambassador for Alzheimer’s Society, Vicky is definitely someone who needs a comfy place to relax and unwind. Jonny usually splits his time between
Nottingham and London, so having a place to put his feet up when he is home is essential too.

We joined Vicky and Jonny at their home (on their comfy new Galieri sofa, of course!) to discuss their busy schedules, how they like to spend their downtime, and how they decided on their new Galieri sofa.

Galieri: Thank you both for welcoming us into your home. It feels so cosy and welcoming, and it’s as if this sofa has always belonged here! Tell us a bit about how you went about choosing your new sofa.

Vicky: I really wanted something a bit different in our new home, and Galieri have such a unique collection. There were so many options to choose from – all beautiful and stylish. We decided a corner sofa was the way to go but picking which one was the hardest part!

Galieri: You chose our luxurious ‘Bolero’ corner leather sofa in Prussia, which is a fantastic choice! What caught your eye about this particular sofa?

Vicky: We chose the ‘Bolero’ in Prussia Leather because we liked the look of it, first of all. It looked – and is – incredibly comfortable, and it fits perfectly in our house. I loved the long lounger part and recliner, where we both can put our feet up at the end of the day.

Galieri: With your busy lives, a spot like this where you can sit back and chill out must be ideal. How often do you get to enjoy the comfort of your new sofa?

Vicky: We are both on the sofa at some point in the day, Johnny loves to read on the couch because he is really comfortable there. I get quite a bit of work done here too. There’s a USB port on the recliner which means I can plug in my iPad and keep going.

Galieri: The USB charging port is super handy! Comfortable and functional, what’s not to love?! And for you, Jonny, what would you say is best thing about your new sofa?

Jonny: It’s great knowing we have our comfy space at home at the end of the day, and the Bolero makes it all the more special. It’s big enough for us both to stretch out, watch some TV, and chill.

Galieri: That sounds idyllic! How would you describe the process of choosing your sofa through to delivery?

Vicky: The whole Galieri team have been brilliant… Excellent service all round! Our sofa was delivered on the day we chose and all of the packaging was taken away… So we didn’t really have to do anything, it was so easy, and we absolutely love our new sofa!

Galieri: Thank you so much both for welcoming us, and we’re so glad you’re delighted with your sofa!

Vicky and Jonny chose our beautiful Bolero Corner Sofa in Prussia. It comes with adjustable headrests, Power recliner and a USB charging port, complementing the elegant and modern design.

Available in 11 exquisite colours, the 100% genuine Italian leather Bolero Corner Sofa is spacious and is perfect for feet-up comfort in any living space.

Request a Free Swatch Pack so you can find the perfect leather colour for you and your family’s new sofa.

Order the Bolero Corner Sofa by the 14th of October to receive your irresistible luxurious sofa in time for Christmas.

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